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Reed Novotny

Reed Novotny

Fayetteville, AR


I am a conceptual artist. The visual medium is my way of explaining the world to myself and others . I specialize in undogmatic reality.
I took and excelled at every art class they had to offer in high school and then went on to The Bradley Academy to help hone my skills. I was then mentored by a master fine artist for two years. I have a very eclectic style which is inspired by my very eclectic life. If you don't see something you like, give it a day, I will have something completely different up tomorrow. Also I except commissions, so let’s talk about what I can create for you.

Poetry through art! I work in a variety of mediums including; oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal and ink. The vision for each piece determines which style, medium and surface will best convey the subject matter.

My body of work is eclectic, with inspiration being diversely derived from music, history, personal experience, and the general state of the world. I believe art can't be limited to any one style as it needs to breathe and grow like any other living organism. I enjoy starting with a blank slate and manipulating the medium to release moments frozen in time. My paintings are single frame snap shots of a story. Whether a still life, landscape, or abstract my renderings invite the viewer to join in on that story. My goal is not to make photographic type paintings of subject matter, but, rather, to release a poem from the ether onto the canvas, conveying the absolute beauty and brutality of reality; sometimes within the same work.

I invite you into my world of pure imagination in hopes that it will stir your emotions and enrich your life.

Thank you,



Electric Eye 2 by Reed Novotny


The Gate 2 by Reed Novotny


Electric Eye by Reed Novotny


Hiking Cathedral Rock, Sedona, AZ. by Reed Novotny


The Gate by Reed Novotny


9/11 by Reed Novotny


Ethereal Morning by Reed Novotny


Space Oddity by Reed Novotny


Legion Unleashed by Reed Novotny


Lone Vessel by Reed Novotny


Greek Playground by Reed Novotny


Smoke On The Water by Reed Novotny


The Hanging Tree by Reed Novotny


First One Out of the Cove by Reed Novotny


Burgundy In The Morning by Reed Novotny


Mountains of Pyrenees by Reed Novotny


Ground Zero by Reed Novotny


Calm Before the Storm by Reed Novotny


Misty Morning by Reed Novotny


Tropical Sun by Reed Novotny


Cathedral Rock by Reed Novotny


Red Mist by Reed Novotny


Going South by Reed Novotny


Emerging Sun by Reed Novotny


Court House Butte by Reed Novotny


On the Dock by Reed Novotny


Birch Trees on the Ridge by Reed Novotny


Butterfly On Flower by Reed Novotny


Backyard Sedona by Reed Novotny


Arkansas Stream by Reed Novotny


Leaping Dragon by Reed Novotny